QUALED Staff Qualification Plan

The objectives of the QUALED Staff Qualification Plan reflect the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy. It represents, on the level of a Slovakian non-profit organisation, a crucial investment in our staff, that will benefit both our individuals and our organisation as a whole.

Europe will need highly skilled workers, but also active citizens that support and promote the European idea and European values. We need therefore creative and innovative trainers and collaborators who are resilient and can overcome challenges and difficulties. We need staff with all the key competences that improve their own but also their learners‘ lives. We need citizens who support democracy, human rights and solidarity. Adult education and learning are indispensible for achieving this, and QUALED will take its responsability to contribute and support the EU and ET 2020 strategies.

In this light, and in order to achieve more flexibility in the work areas of the staff, we have identified in this European Development Plan, which is one of the three pillars of the QUALED Staff Qualification Plan, the following main areas for improvement:

• Quality assurance and quality control, with particular emphasis on working with disadvantaged learners and in social services

• Increase the competences of disadvantaged adult learners

• Working with older learners

• Working with young people with difficulties (ADD, ADHD...)

• Recognition of self-power to face the risk-society

• Societal challenges and gain of sustainable development

• Aspects of non-formal education: basic skills, creative and artistic activities

• Non-formal learning for teachers

• Health and nutrition issues

• Intercultural learning

• Migrants’learning

• Inclusive teaching and training

• Strategic management

• Conflict mediation

• Inspiring facilitation, teaching and training

• Monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects