QUALED - non-profit organization for qualification and education

When you merge two words – QUALification and EDucation – you get what we are and what we focus on.

Our non-profit organization deals with education of wide range groups of people. Since we think that the schooling system in Slovakia is neither effective nor complex, we are trying to enrich the educational system by making it more practical. Moreover, we’d like to overcome the public opinion about learning and qualification process being too painful, impractical and mandatory. At us, the learning becomes voluntary, interesting, enjoyable and utilizable.

Why doesn’t the usual school work? One reason is the form and the other the content.

Each and every teacher must bear two important goals in mind: firstly, to give the students the knowledge and secondly, to motivate them and make the subject matter attractive to them. The education is worthless unless the teachers aim at both of the components. Unfortunately, teachers in Slovakia do not make any efforts to target the second component, because they are not willing or even are not capable of doing so. During my 19 years of studies (basic school, grammar school and two Universities), I was taught by approximately 100 teachers but only FOUR of them were able to motivate me to get absorbed in the subject matter. The majority of the rest did not even bother and some of them at least tried but did not succeed.

That is why we in QUALED focus especially on motivation in education and skills and talent of the lectors.

Regarding the Slovak curriculum, it mostly contains theoretical skills in science. We learn when the Cold War started, names of particular eft species and their breeding possibilities, who was the person that wrote some book. Nobody ever tells us what the consequences of the Cold War are, nobody shows us the eft and they do not ask us much what we sincerely think of the book.

At basic school, they teach us how to succeed at high school, at high school they prepare us for University studies and at University? They just give us a diploma. We never get taught how to succeed at real life! They never teach us how to organize our free time, how to find a partner or a friend, how to manage people in a group or how to learn effectively; older teachers do not share the experience and the faults of their generations with us because none of it is in the curriculum neither at exams.

This is the reason why QUALED leaves the theoretical and impractical knowledge and tries to offer practical skills for everyday life and your qualification.