European projects


Since 2008, QUALED has joined the European adult education community by participating in Projects within the framework of the Lifelong Learning and Erasmus Plus Programmes of the European Union:


MikroMarkt - Holistic Marketing for Woman Farmers: a Leonardo da Vinci multilateral Project (2008)

HlinArch - Professional Qualification for Working with Clay as the Natural and Sustainable Building Material: a Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation Project (2008)

Talk with me - The Social Way to Learn a Language: a project under the key action 2 of the Lifelong Learning Programme (2008

FinLiCo - Financial Literacy Competencies for Adult Learners (2010)

Love Language & more! - Attract Participation and Increase Motivation of Young Male Language Learners (2010)

Social Literacyfor Public Sector Staff (2012)

Supported Employment Learning Partnership (2013)

Social Electicity Onlöine Platform (2013)

Developing Financial Competencies for EU Citizens Utilising Online Learning and Digital Literacy (2014)

Family Training to Support their Marginalized and Disadvantaged Members (2014)

YCARe - Youth Counselling Against Radicalisation: A holistic approach to support vulnerable adolescents (2015)

ReEntry - Support for Refugee Entrepreneurs to Create Normality in a Difficult Surrounding (2016)