Innovative Language Learning

Talk with me - the social way to learn a language

Although the number of language learners for East European languages has increased, there are almost no web-based online language learning offers available. The project intends fill this gap and develops a platform for language learning for Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian.

The attractivity of web-based social networks will be the starting point for a new interactive way to learn, and we believe that the “Talk-with-me Platform” will also motivate target groups less inclined to language learning. It will stimulate exchanges between the participants who want to tutor or be tutored by interactive features, e.g. forum, chat, or video, and to enable an rich and multi-directional intercultural dialogue. The platform will also make use of the potentials of virtual 3D interactive learning in a social community environment (Second Life).

The free platform will provide dynamic contents for the level A (basic user) mainly for people who work in sectors where cross-border collaboration requires a certain level of understanding the neighbouring language. The open structure also challenges its members by allowing them to upload additional contents. The platform will be linked to web based language courses for English and German to support the social component and commitment by teaching and learning from other members of the “Talk with me” community.

In addition, the project will develop “Didactic Guidelines” how to introduce virtual 3D learning environments into existing teaching schemes, with relation to the specific demand and need of individual users, to the specific learning cultures and to the requirements of vocational training providers.

Almost twenty years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, four years after the enlargement of the EU, and less than one year after the introduction of the larger Schengen area, we want to help European citizens to understand better each other’s cultures and outlooks, and to enable them to take advantage of the freedom to work or study in another country, by anticipating the turnaround that will increasingly attract people to move also from “West” to “East”.

This project is supported under the Lifelong Learning Programme (143347-CZ-2008-KA2-KA2MP)

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