Three sips of water

Winter course for the young

The need for Survival doesn’t occur much in our everyday lives. Nonetheless, Survival is the basic impulse and drive force of each living creature. You need just a couple of simple things to survive: few sips of water, one slice of bread, a place to lay your head, a talk with a friend, bonfire in the evening, a moment of a rest. The effect of these things is more than clear, as well as the way to get them. It’s easy to set your values out of them: for sure, few sips of water are more important than your hair cut.

In order to survive nowadays, you need to do very complicated things. You need to fire the secretary, fuel up the car, remember the PIN code of your credit card, change your status on Facebook and more. These activities are not exactly connected with survival but it’s not completely clear what effect they will have and which is more important than the other. It's very hard to create the set of values out of them. Is it more important to go to a hairdresser, to buy new mp3 ear phones or get encephalitis vaccine? When people do not see a clear sense in what they are doing, when their activities are not apparently connected to the need to Survive, they lose contact with the nature and the instincts; they lose the solid grounds under their feet.

In this course we’ll try to remind you that the most important things are very simple and are indeed very cheap or for free in today’s society. We’ll do our best to show you how to value these things, how not to throw away unfinished meal or the meal which does not taste so well, how to treasure clean water, or realize that a chat with a friend is more precious than the latest TV show.

These findings are not always pleasant. In order to appreciate warmth, you must be really cold; to value roof over your head you must get drenched several times and you must be very hungry in order not to throw away the hard heel of bread next time.

Well, when were you starving last time? See you on the course Three Sips of Water.