Do not fear the fear

Outdoor course for the young

The fear - something which holds us back, which keeps us from getting the most of our lives, but at the same time the fear is what puts us on alert.

We are indirectly threatened every day by the media and advertisement. What if we get hit by a car? What if we get infected by jaundice? What if someone from the family gets hurt? This fear does not contribute to anything (except for profits of insurance and pharmaceutical companies).

The other (and much more useful) form of the fear is the direct fear. It's when you are afraid that you’ll break your nose when you're standing on a branch of a tree, when you're afraid you'll get lost or when you are listening to the scary noises coming from the woods. This fear may either paralyze you or energize you. Really, you might get encouraged by it but you cannot fear the fear. But how to do this? You need to get into contact with your fear, you have to explore and examine it.

At our course, you’ll study your fear. You see, everyone is afraid of something. Someone can climb a rock without a rope but he wouldn’t go and ask a girl for a dance. Someone can be scared of darkness, of ridicule, solitude or responsibility. However, it's not good to suppress your fears. You need to discover them, admit and accept them, learn how to work and live with them.

Making friends with your fears on our course might help you overcome the blocks which are holding you back every day. Also, you will learn to change things and stereotypes which are not working for you in your lives.